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Be Here. Learn More Last Updated: 6/24/2019 1:39 PM

Not only is school attendance is necessary for students to learn and progress, it is the law!  Logan County Schools has consistently maintained a 95% attendance rate for the past several years, which we attribute to the diligent efforts of all stakeholders - administrators, teachers, school staff, and most importantly, the parents.   


While school attendance is necessary for student success, we do realize students need to be absent for doctor appointments, family emergencies, and other events.  Logan County Schools wants to work with families and the students in helping during times when students must miss school.  Our goal is to assist and offer guidance on the various programs available to students and parents during extreme emergencies and extended illnesses.  

For more information on the importance of school attendance and chronic absenteeism, visit our Absenteeism Resource Page.

Students will be allowed up to 5 parent notes and 10 doctor's note per school year.  After all 15 excuses have been used, students and parents must submit the completed Medical Excuse form (completed by the student's medical professional).  Without this completed form, the absence will be marked unexcused.