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KRS 159.035 Participation in 4-H activities to be considered attendance -- Excused absence for educational enhancement -- Appeal of denial of excused absence -- Exception for testing periods -- Excused absences for deployment and return days of parent or guardian on active duty -- Excused absence to visit parent or guardian on R and R (statute available here for download)

A student may be allowed up to ten (10) days per school year to participate in an educational enhancement opportunity that the Principal determines to be of significant educational value.  Participation in an educational foreign exchange program or an intensive instructional program in one (1) of the core curriculum English, science,mathematics, social studies, foreign language, and the arts could be considered an Educational Enhancement Opportunity, Days on which students have been approved by the principal to participate in such an opportunity will be included in aggregate daily attendance.

A student receiving an excused absence under this subsection shall have the opportunity to make up school work missed and shall not have his or her class grades adversely affected for lack of class attendance or class participation due to the excused absence.(b) Educational enhancement opportunities under this subsection shall not include nonacademic extracurricular activities, but may include programs not sponsored by the school district.

A student shall not be eligible to receive an excused absence under the provisions of this subsection for an absence during a school's testing window established for assessments of the state assessment developed under KRS 158.6453 or during a testing period established for the administration of additional district-wide assessments at the school, except if Director of Pupil Personnel/principal determines that extenuating circumstances make an excused absence to pursue an educational enhancement opportunity appropriate.

Students who are denied a request for an educational enhancement opportunity may appeal the determination to the district Superintendent.  If the Superintendent's decision is unsatisfactory, the student can appeal to the local board of education for final determination.

When recording attendance for a student that is participating in an Educational Enhancement Opportunity, the school will code the days as EHO.

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