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Absenteeism Resources

Helping parents help students!

School attendance is one of the strongest indicators to student success - if a student does not regularly attend school, she will miss out on critical instruction, lag behind his peers, or miss out on exceptional learning opportunities that cannot be made up.  Chronic absenteeism (CA) is defined as missing 10% or more of school (i.e., 8 or more days), whether the days missed are excused or unexcused.  CA is a national crisis and often this pattern of behavior starts early, even as young as kindergarten age.  It is during these early years of a child's education are critical to sustaining the school readiness skills necessary to help your child develop.

This resource page is provided as guidance for parents, community leaders and agencies, and others that are diligently involved in the lives of children.

Through a partnership with Attendance Works, the following video, Bringing Attendance Home, provides an understanding on why school attendance is so important.  The video features parents talking to other parents about reducing absenteeism and why showing up to school every day matters.  The 6-minute video provides tips for parents on helping to improve student attendance.



Resources for Parents & Guardians

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