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Supplemental Year

Last Updated: 4/14/2021 2:55 PM

This spring, the Kentucky General Assembly approved Senate Bill 128.  This bill allows students in kindergarten through 12th grade to request to use the 2021-22 school year as a supplemental year.  Students who choose this option can retake and/or supplement the coursework completed in the 2020-21 school year.

Before considering this option, please review the information in this letter so that you can make an informed decision.  If you do not want your child to utilize the supplemental school year, no action is needed.  If you would like to request this option, please review this guidance and click the application link at the end of this page. The application must be completed no later than May 1, 2021. 

By June 1, 2021, our Board of Education will make a decision on whether to approve the requests for the supplemental year.  This decision will not be made at the individual level as the law requires that the Board either approve all applications or deny all applications.  

Please review the chart below if you are considering this option:

Benefits Concerns
Students may retake classes from the previous year or take supplemental classes.  High school students are eligible to retake only courses that were failed in the 2020-21 school year.

Students will be taking classes with a new group of students since the vast majority of their peers will have been promoted to the next grade level. 

Current 12th grade students will graduate in May 2021 provided that they have met graduation requirements.  They may return for a supplemental year in 2021-22; however, classes taken will not be included in their final GPA.

Students may participate in extracurricular activities provided that they meet KHSAA age and eligibility requirements.

Students who will turn 19 before August 1 of a school year will be ineligible to participate in high school sports.  

Students who will turn 15 before August 1 of 8th grade are ineligible to participate on 8th grade teams.  

Students who will turn 14 before August 1 of 7th grade are ineligible to participate on 7th grade teams.

High school students may be able to access career or technical certifications they were unable to complete during the 2021-22 school year.  Dual credit classes could also be taken.

Classes would be available only within the district’s current staffing and facility availability.  Students who had graduated would not have access to Dual Credit or Work Ready scholarships.  Colleges would not be obligated to reduce tuition costs to returning graduates.

If you have questions regarding this process, please contact your child’s school.  You may also contact Logan County Schools Director of Pupil Personnel Robbie Davis at

Click Here to Apply for the Supplemental Year