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Compulsory Attendance

Compulsory Attendance

All children in the district who have entered kindergarten or who are between the ages of six (6), as of October 1, and sixteen (16), except those specifically exempted by statute, shall enroll and be in regular attendance in the schools to which they are assigned.

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year, students between the ages of six (6) and eighteen (18) shall enroll and be in regular attendance in the schools to which they are assigned and shall be subject to compulsory attendance.

Before an unmarried student between the ages of sixteen (16) and eighteen (18) may withdraw from school and terminate education prior to graduation, s/he shall confer with the Principal or designee, and s/he shall secure written permission from her/his parents, guardian, or other person residing in the state and having custody or charge of the student (See Board Policy 09.111)


Exceptions to Presence at School

Students must be physically present in school to be counted in attendance, except under the following conditions:

  • Students shall be counted in attendance when they are receiving home/hospital, institutional, or court-ordered instruction in another setting.
  • Participation of a pupil in 4H activities that are regularly scheduled and under the supervision of a county extension agent or the designated 4H club leader shall be considered school attendance.
  • Students may participate in cocurricular activities and be counted as being in attendance during the instructional school day, provided the Principal/designee has given prior approval to the scheduling of the activities. Approval shall be granted only when cocurricular activities and trips are instructional in nature, directly related to the instructional program, and scheduled to minimize absences from classroom instruction.
  • Students participating in an off-site virtual high school class or block may be counted in attendance in accordance with requirements set out in Kentucky Administration Regulation.
  • Students having an individual education plan (IEP) that requires less than full-time instructional services shall not be required to be present for a full school day.
  • Students participating as part of a school-sponsored interscholastic athletic team, who compete in a regional or state tournament sanctioned by the Kentucky Board of Education or KHSAA, that occurs on a regularly scheduled student attendance day shall be counted and recorded present at school on the date or dates of the competition, for a maximum of two (2) days per student per school year. Students shall be expected to complete any assignments missed on the date or dates of the competition.