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Going “GREEN” at Logan County Schools

Green Schools for 2023

Going “GREEN” at Logan County Schools

Following the release of the Kentucky School Report Card data, Logan County Schools is excited to share that many of our schools scored “green” overall. Auburn Elementary and Middle School, Adairville Middle School, Olmstead Middle School, and Logan County High School all scored “green”, the second highest possible rating on the School Report Card given by the Kentucky Department of Education.

“The Kentucky Department of Education is seeing lower testing scores across the state due to the negative effects of the pandemic,” said Dr. Josh Matthews, Chief Academic Officer. “It is wonderful to see our schools defy the odds by growing and continuing to close those learning gaps."



Auburn Schools is the only school in the district that received a green rating in elementary and middle school on the 2023 Kentucky School Report Card. The well-deserved green rating marks a significant improvement from the previous year when Auburn Elementary received a yellow rating. Auburn Middle also ranked 40 out of 318 middle schools in the state.

Auburn Elementary saw great proficiency rates in the realm of state testing. In the 4th-grade reading category, an impressive 55 percent of students achieved proficiency, surpassing the state average of 48 percent. In elementary math, the school performed at par with the state average, with 42 percent of students achieving proficiency or earning a distinguished score on the state exam. Both reading and math scores exceeded district averages.

“We have been so hopeful that the test scores would show what we see every day: determined kids who are working hard every hour of every day to reach their goals,” reflected Auburn Elementary School teachers. “Students at all levels are growing by leaps and bounds in every area. Auburn School is an incredible place to be and learn and it is amazing to see that reflected in these scores. We are thrilled to see green, but remain determined to see blue very soon! Our students are outstanding human beings and so representative of the precious community of Auburn. We feel incredibly fortunate to work with them each day and we simply could not be more proud of who they are and all they are achieving in our classrooms.”

This year, the Kentucky Department of Education introduced a new reporting metric known as "change," which quantifies the amount of academic growth experienced during the school year. Auburn Elementary showed commendable progress, achieving an "increase" in the fields of social studies, writing, and science, while garnering a "significant increase" in reading and math. 

“Our teachers and students work hard everyday, and we are so proud of their accomplishments,” said Auburn Principal Kristina Rice. “We will always put students first in every decision we make to ensure our students continue to grow. We appreciate the support of our families and communities - we know it takes all of us working together for our students to be successful.”

Auburn Middle School also received a green ranking from the Kentucky Department of Education. In the reading department, over 50 percent of students achieved proficiency, well above the state average. In middle school math, more than half of the 6th and 8th graders demonstrated proficiency on the exam. Additionally, 8th-grade writing showcased outstanding results, with 60 percent of students achieving proficiency. Auburn scored “significant increase” in reading and math. 

Auburn Middle School teachers reflected on the scores, “We are extremely proud of the achievements of our students, both past and present. Their KSA scores are a reflection of their hard work and growth. We are blessed with extremely intelligent and hard working students who strive to be their best every day. Our students have shown their resilience to understand and grow in all areas, especially in reading and math. In these two areas, our students scored Blue on KSA. We love our school, staff and students.”

"It is awesome to see both the middle and elementary schools secure green ratings overall,” Dr. Matthews continued. “As a district, we are very proud of their accomplishments. The students should be congratulated for their hard work as well. It takes an entire team effort to move a school forward."



Adairville Middle School also received a “green” rating on the School Report Card. The 7th and 8th grade students at Adairville scored over 50 percent proficient/distinguished which is well above the state average of 45 percent. Adairville Middle also ranked 54 out of 318 middle schools in the state.

"I am so incredibly proud of our students and staff at Adairville School,” said Adairville Principal Lori Bouldin. “Our top priority is and will always be to focus on and develop the whole child--a positive culture, meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging serve as a strong foundation for success.”

“Adairville Middle School had tremendous growth at all levels this year,” said Dr. Matthews. “I know the staff and students have worked very hard and we are extremely proud of them.” 

Overall, the middle school math students scored 42 percent proficiency, above the state average of 37 percent. In writing, 57 percent of Adairville Middle students score proficient or distinguished. Adairville Middle School scored “significant increase” in all subject areas: math, reading, science, social studies, and writing.

“For the past several years, our school has been focused on the growth of each of our students,” said Bouldin. “The overall score of ‘green’ for middle school symbolizes the growth we have made and the path of moving forward for years to come! Our score is just proof of the relationships we have with our students and how the staff works tirelessly to inspire and promote student growth. We see our students working hard daily taking small steps to make great strides in their individualized learning. 
“The improved KSA scores are a great achievement for us all--teachers, students, and their families- as we are all a team working not only to close gaps but also to extend learning. We are blessed with a supportive community, a talented staff, and hard-working students,” continued Bouldin. “We celebrate the combined efforts of our entire Adairville Family."



Olmstead Middle School received a “green” rating on the School Report Card due to their state testing scores. In reading, at least 50 percent of 7th and 8th grade students scored proficient or distinguished while the state average is only 45 percent. 

Middle school math students scored above state averages with the 8th grade math scoring above 50 percent proficiency. In social studies, our students scored 49 percent proficiency which is well above the state average of 35 percent. Olmstead Middle School also scored an “increase” in reading and math. 

“Olmstead Middle School did a wonderful job this year,” said Dr. Matthews. “They scored above the state average in many of the categories on the KSA exam. Congratulations to the staff and students on their accomplishments.”  

“We are so very proud of the accomplishments of all of our students, across the content areas and grade levels assessed by the KSA,” said Olmstead Principal Katina Kemplin. “We have a very talented and dedicated staff who pour into our students daily, and the efforts of our students, staff, parents and family members, as well as the support of our community are what make such achievements as our students earning the green status at the middle school level possible.  We are very excited about earning this performance rating.”



Logan County High School received a “green” rating on the School Report Card due to high post-secondary success. This data reflects 86 percent of the students who took dual credit classes received a qualifying score and 92 percent completed the course. 

The data also shows the high school also scored above the state average in reading with 48 percent of the students scoring proficient or distinguished. In writing, 59 percent of the students scored proficient or distinguished.

“The high school scored above state averages in several categories,” said Dr. Matthews. “It is great to see so many of our students taking dual credit to earn college hours and such a high percentage of students receiving industry certifications. We are very proud of their accomplishments.” 


“We are proud of all of our schools that scored green,” Dr. Matthews continued. “The thing we are most proud of is the growth. We had several schools that scored an ‘increase’ in growth. It is great to see our schools being successful at growing our students. We understand that this is just one measure of our overall success as a district. However, the state test is an important piece of the pie, and the School Report Cards show that Logan County is on the right track.” 

Congratulations to Auburn, Adairville, Olmstead, and Logan County High Schools on achieving “green” ratings from the Kentucky Department of Education. Each school will receive signage to display outside to recognize their growth and success. We appreciate our schools for continually supporting our students on their learning journey! #LCPride

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