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Pillars of Success: 2nd Quarter Scores Are In!
Madison Kirby

We are excited to share our Quarter 2 (October-January) scores for the Logan County Pillars of Success. This quarter’s results are similar to our last report, however, we are happy to report a significant increase in supportive learning strategies, benefiting all of the four pillars of student success. 

"The efforts underway in Logan County hold significant importance,” said Dr. Josh Matthews, Chief Academic Officer of Logan County Schools“Our work involves steering the Kentucky Department of Education towards the development of a comprehensive accountability system. As someone who has had the privilege of presenting to the Kentucky Board of Education and other influential figures in the state, I can affirm that Logan County has garnered substantial attention statewide.”

“The second-quarter scores indicate noticeable progress in specific areas, but there are still challenges to address in other domains,” Dr. Matthews continued.“The discussions and insights that will emerge from these results will be invaluable in propelling our district forward. We take pride in the strides we've made and eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead. Thank you to all of our stakeholders who filled out surveys and made the numbers meaningful.”

The local accountability system is a combination of data from state testing, survey results, classroom observations, and more. In all, LCS is measuring 43 different pieces of information to score our district on the different areas of student success. The data is reported quarterly with each LCS Pillar of Success being rated on a four-point scale. 

2nd Quarter Scores Are In!

All scores are out of four total points, with 4.0 being the highest score. To see the full data breakdown, visit our website:

  • Pillar of Student Performance Score – 2.7/4.0: This score reflects the annual state testing data, MAP and I-Ready testing scores, and classroom observations. We aim to increase this score through our RTI (response-to-intervention) time and its impact on the 2024 Kentucky State Assessment.
  • Pillar of Student Growth Score – 2.8/4.0: This score reflects classroom observations and growth in student MAP and IReady scores from the beginning of the school year. Our data reflects about 50% of students growing at the normal school year rate. This year, the district has introduced a new intervention system that aligns with the proven and research based strategies of Mike Mattos and Solution Tree. The objective of this intervention system is to enhance the percentage of students who achieve the expected one-year academic growth in each school year. 
  • Pillar of Student Readiness Score – 2.4/4.0: This score reflects student involvement in career and leadership activities, enrollment in AP or dual-credit courses, and classroom observations. This score saw a decrease mainly due to adding K-8 student involvement in career & leadership activities. We plan to work with our family resource centers and principals to ensure our K-8 school offer as many career and leadership opportunities as possible.  Our FRYSC team and principals are dedicated to providing all sorts of amazing career & leadership activities for our students. 
  • Pillar of Student Wellbeing Score – 2.8/4.0: This score reflects attendance rates, student involvement in extracurriculars and clubs, and classroom observation. This score saw a decrease this semester because we were able to include student extracurricular involvement. Our goal is for 90% of students to be involved in one or more clubs, activities, or sports to increase their readiness. We encourage all students to seek out opportunities that match their interests and goals. We also want to remind families that regular attendance at school is a proven way to increase student success! 

The district is currently reviewing our scores to best plan our goals for the district’s future. We are dedicated to working collaboratively to achieve our shared goal of doing what’s best for the students of Logan County. 

What's Next?

Logan County Schools aims to improve this quarter’s scores through continued focus on intervention time, encouraging more project- and inquiry-based learning, and continued support for our teachers.

“The one thing this district has done very well is provide quality professional development for our teachers,” Dr. Matthews reflected. “In the past, the district has provided extensive PD in Kagan strategies, project-based learning, and classroom engagement strategies. We will continue to provide support to our teachers as we implement the two new reading and math curriculums. Also, we will focus on some of the areas that we can grow based on the Pillars like effective use of technology in the classroom and active learning.” 

Stay tuned for our next quarterly report in April, where we will continue to share our progress and work towards making Logan County Schools the best it can be. Thank you for your support and dedication to our shared vision of accountability and excellence for all students!